I'm a big fan of UNIQUE wedding days. Every wedding day should be different - as every couple is different. Prioritize what is important to YOU.

I specialize in capturing candid and intimate moments - and use behavioral posing that leaves you looking natural and relaxed.


Your wedding photography is an investment.

When the day is over - the photos will be one of only things you have left. 


Pricing details listed at the bottom of this page.

My Philosophy

I am more than a photographer that knows how to work a fancy camera.

I am a photographer that you will remember for the right reasons.

I know how to run a wedding day.

I know how to read stressful situations and distract your crazy aunt.

I know how to tell Uncle Jim to get his phone out of my aisle shot during your ceremony.

I have grown and I have learned over years of experience. That experience is valuable.

I highly prioritize flexibility. I am a go-with-the-flow photographer. Something will always happen. Just go with it!

My Process

I don't just show up on your wedding day and call it good.

So much goes into your day before I take a single photo.

Here's just a peek into my process.

Consultation Time

Consultations are completely free. This is a time where we can hop on a video chat, sip some coffee, and talk about all the details of your day. 

By the end of our meeting you will have a detailed timeline of your day and an exact quote.

Contract and Booking

Following our consultation, the decision is yours. In order to reserve your wedding date I require a signed contract and a $200 nonrefundable retainer. This retainer comes out of your full amount due.

Follow-up and Planning

At this point I'm all YOURS!

You have free reign to text me questions about your day, ask me for vendor referrals, and get a professional photographer's opinion on pretty much anything.

Engagement Photos

Engagement photos are included if you hit 7 hours of wedding day coverage. Your engagement photos are also a great opportunity to get all comfy in front of my camera and gives me a chance to interact more in person with you and your fiance. 

Final Week Check-Ins

In the weeks leading up to your wedding I'm all ears to your last minute questions. I highly prioritize flexibility and can always move your schedule around to accommodate changes. It is around this time that I will ask for finalized family photo lists, and send you a list for what you can include in those detail photos.

Wedding Day

The day we've been waiting for!! On this day you'll realize all that planning has paid off, and you'll just be able to sit back and enjoy one of the best days of your life. I come ready for anything the day could throw at me.

I've got you.

As far as the photos go - they'll be a BREEZE. I'm almost always on schedule if not ahead. 

48- Hour Preview

I started doing this halfway through 2019 and I'm never going back. Within 48 hours of the end of your wedding day (72 Hours if it is out of town) you will be sent a sneak peek album including 30+ photos from throughout your day. It is so fun to have some photos to look at while on your honeymoon, or to send to those who couldn't make it. 

Gallery Delivery

For every hour I'm shooting - it takes 3 to 4 hours of sorting, editing, and uploading. The average wedding day is about 7-8 Hours: so that's 21+ hours of work for me following your wedding day. I deliver wedding galleries within an 8 week turnaround time. 

All of my work is delivered with a print release - you are free to print wherever you wish, but I have plenty of  recommendations.


My pricing is simple.

In order to cater to unique wedding days, I have hourly based pricing.

This way you are not paying for more than what you need for your specific day.

All wedding days 7 hours or longer include a couples session. 

For Summer 2022 - Fall 2023 Weddings my hourly rate is $340/hour

Traditional Wedding Days have a 5 hour booking minimum

Elopements/Intimate Weddings (<30 guests) have a 3 hour booking minimum

 Monday-Thursday In-State Wedding Days have a 2 hour booking minimum

Fill out the form below to set up your free consultation where we can chat specifics, craft you a schedule, and get you an exact quote for the coverage you're wanting!

 All love is welcome here! 

I serve everyone.

I have availability for 1 more full wedding day and 2 more intimate wedding days in 2021!


Thanks! You'll hear back from me soon!